The purpose of this post are to improve on my writing skill, English grammar (Always! 😦 ) and most importantly, to share some Islamic posts that would be bring benefits to my readers. So feel free to comment if there is/are wrong in my grammar or you have something to add on my posts.

For now, this is only the introduction. Let me introduce myself as no-ro AKA not robot. I have no intention to reveal who am I and I want you (readers) enjoying my blog just the way it is.

The reason why I use name ‘ no-ro ‘ as my fake name on my blog is I realized the reason behind in our life. We have a purpose in this temporary world – dunya. First, we must worship to our only God, Allah, as HIS servants. Second, Allah SAW has appointed us as a khalifah in this world. Being a Khalifah is not what you think. When I was kid, I used to think that khalifah is like a leader, da’wah to everyone publicly, etc. But it is not. We all have a different talents in ourselves. We use it for a good purpose. That what it is. If you cannot tell what is your talents, it is okay. It will come out once it is time. But it does not mean you can just sitting there while waiting. It won’t come to you. That why if I do not know the purpose in life, my life would be like a robot. Born, raise up by parents, go to school, exam, get the best result, go to university, graduate, marry, give birth to a child and die. Then it is repeat again. So I don’t want my life as a robot.

“Robot is not my life”

That is all. Jazzakillahu khairan katheera for the reading. The best is come from Allah SAW and any lacking is from me.


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